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The cold months have arrived and the holidays are approaching.  Many of = us will be taking a well deserved vacation!  What about the fish?  Here a= re the top four vacation emergencies you should prepare for.


1:  Overfeeding=

2:  Sick fish

3:  Power Failu= re

4:  Stress=


When preparing for a vacat= ion, there are a few basic items you should have on hand to prevent any major disaster from happening while you are away.


1: Automatic Feeder = – Battery driven automatic feeders will ensure that t= he fish will be fed the proper amount each day, without being overfed.  They also ensure that the fish will be = fed should the power go out.  Be sure t= o test it for a few days prior to leaving to ensure the fish are accustomed to the pre-calibrated amount of food it will dispense and to make sure it is opera= ting properly.  <= /span>

2:  Medication or Quarantine Tank – If you happen to notice = any changes in the health of the aquarium before you leave, try to correct it.<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>  Medicate with either a good parasite or= anti-bacterial medication to prevent it from spreading throughout the aquarium while away.  If you choose to not add medication to the main aquarium, provide a small, separate aquarium to medi= cate the fish in.  It is not a good idea= to add new fish or plants before leaving.  Doing so can alter the bio-load or PH of the water, which can cause stress on the fish and in turn cause disease.    <= /span>

3:  Battery-Operated Air Pump – If you happen to lose po= wer while on vacation, the first priority would be to maintain proper oxygen le= vels in the aquarium.  Purchase a battery operated air pump that turns on when the power goes out.  Make sure to insert new batteries prior= to leaving.  These are relatively inexpensive and are an invaluable tool to keeping your fish alive should th= e power fail.

4:  Light Timer= – To help reduce stress in the aquarium, the fish and plants should be exposed to the same amount of light and darkness they would enjoy had you not left.  The timer ensures that your fish won’t become stressed and also ensures they will enj= oy a natural day and night time cycle.  =

Stick to your routine
Fish are very susceptible = to stress, and too much anxiety often takes its toll on their immune system, making them more prone to disease. To ensure your fish stay healthy when yo= u're away, lower their stress levels by keeping feeding, lighting, and all other activities on schedule.  Make sure = any necessary maintenance is done well before you leave.  With proper planning you can enjoy your vacation and return home to a healthy vibrant aquarium.<= /p>