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What to do when your aquarium loo= ses power.

The summer season = has arrived!With that come the stor= ms and inevitable power outages.Are you prepared for dealing with a powerless aquarium?All aquariums depend upon vital life support systems.Read on to lear= n how to minimize fish loss and potential stress to the aquarium inhabitants wh= en the aquarium has lost power to its life support systems.


TEMPERATURE:When power is lost to your aquarium= sí heater, this puts your fish in danger of opportunistic, disease-causing agents. When temperatures rise, it becomes harder for the aquarium to hold oxygen and can further place stress on the aquarium inhabitants.

AMMONIA:When filtration = is halted, the natural biological process is further interrupted, which can cause lethal ammonia to rise to intolerable levels.†††

OXYGEN:= When water movement stops, so does the exchange of oxygen.Fish begin t= o use up all available oxygen.

BE PREPARED:<= /span>

STABALIZE PROPER WATER TEMPERATURE:= You should= try to maintain the temperature of freshwater tropical aquariums between 70-80 degrees.Marine Reef aquariums s= hould be maintained between 70-75 degrees.During the winter you may want to wrap the aquarium in a blanket to hold in the heat.If power is lo= st during the hot summer, be prepared by storing plastic bottles filled with water in your freezer. When power is lost, place however many of these bottles into the aquarium, in order to maintain proper water temperature.=

CONTROL AMMONIA SPIKES:Keep a bottle of Amquel on hand to combat the rise of ammonia in your aquarium.Monitor ammonia levels with an ammoni= a test kit and prepare to have the water cleaned when power is restored to the aquarium.

PROVIDE OXYGEN:= You can provide oxygen to your aquarium by using a battery operated air pump.This will provide surface movement of the water and allow oxygen exchange.<= /o:p>

Make sure you are prepared t= o have these essential items at hand.T= hey can provide the life saving measures needed for your aquarium inhabitants during a power outage.When powe= r is restored, make sure your heater and filtration is working properly and pl= an on reducing the build up of harmful toxins by doing a water change.